ASEAN M&E Show 2016 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. May 23-25, 2016


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Light+Building 2016 – Frankfurt, Germany. March 13-18, 2016


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Lux Live 2015 – London, United Kingdom. November 18-19, 2015


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BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2015- EcoPartner


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Magazine -《Capital Entrepreneur No.139 Dec 2015》


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WenWeiPo -《Environmental Protection Award 2015》


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Capital Weekly -《The Listed Enterprise Excellence Awards 2015 》


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Suicide Prevention Services - 《Charitable Bubble Football Game》


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HKTDC –《Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2015 (Autumn Edition) 》


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LEDUS Press Conference at Malaysia

(13 September 2015, Kuala Lumpur) – LEDUS has been formally introduced to the Malaysian market. The press conference, held in d'Italiane restaurant in Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya, was attended by many VIPs including the brand ambassador and Hong Kong artist, Ms. Maria Cordero. Members of the media and the invited guests were briefed on the unique features of LEDUS and all the future plans the Group have in store for the Malaysian market. LEDUS LED lighting products are now available for purchase in all TESCO hypermarkets, and most of LEDUS products are covered by a 3-year warranty.

The Group Chairman, Mr. Amos Li had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CNBM International Engineering Co. LTD, Deputy General Manager of Housing & Building at the press conference. LEDUS will provide LED solution to them.

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Tech Pro completes acquiring Football Club Sochaux-Montbéliard as strategic move to establish business in France and tap European market

(7 July 2015 – Hong Kong) An internationally renowned manufacturer and seller of LED lightings products and components, Tech Pro Technology Development Limited (“Tech Pro”, the “Company” or the “Group”, SEHK stock code: 3823) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, LEDUS Club Limited has completed the acquisition of the entire issued share capital of Football Club Sochaux-Montbéliard SA (“FCSM”) for €7 million, paving the way for the development of its strategic business and marketing campaigns in France, as well as tapping the European market.

The proposed acquisition will allow Tech Pro’s “LEDUS” brand to springboard into more overseas markets. In order to promote and market its products. Apart from having the logo of “LEDUS” emblazoned on the club’s jerseys, the Group plans to increase the exposure of the brand in the media and the public and thus raising the awareness and recognition of “LEDUS” not only in France but also the whole Europe. This will be achieved through various ways, such as television broadcast of French football matches, sales of the club’s jerseys and souvenirs and the marketing materials of the football club. On the other hand, the Group plans to convert the football stadium and training school of FCSM to LED lighting from the traditional one, as its first foray into the market of the private sector in France.

Mr. Li Wing Sang, the Chairman of Tech Pro says, “The successful acquisition of FCSM marks a strategic step for the Company to tap the European market. We believe that marketing the football club and converting the lighting systems of football stadiums can raise the awareness and recognition of “LEDUS” brand in Europe. At the same time, it helps the Company to tap both French public and private sectors, thus increase market shares of its products and diversify the sources of income, helping boost the revenue and increase the enterprise value.”

Established as a French association football club in 1928, FCSM subsequently became a limited liability company and is principally engaged in the development and promotion of a professional football club. The time-honoured football club won twice in the French Football League 1 respectively in 1935 and 1938, and was the winner of the French Cup in 1937 and 2007. In addition, since the establishment of the first football school of FCSM in 1976, young football players were well-trained and achieved successes in the pitch. In 2015, the U19 team has won the Gambardella Cup for the third time.

Mr. Dennis Worbe, the Chairman of FCSM added, “We achieved the acquisition after a year of deliberation and negotiation of both parties. Tech Pro is a strong company with vision and long-term strategies, which can infuse our club with more resources. FCSM will adopt the newly-designed team logo and jersey upon the completion of acquisition, symbolizing a new chapter of the club. We firmly believe that, our football team will strive to move forward and hit a new record under the leadership of Tech Pro in the near future.”

Photo caption: Mr. Li Wing Sang, the Chairman (left) and Mr. Chiu Chi Hong, the executive director (right) of Tech Pro, attended a press conference in France and announced the successful completion of acquiring the entire issued share capital of FCSM. They also showed the brand new home jersey (left) and away jersey (right) with the logo of “LEDUS”.

Photo Caption:

Photo 1: Mr. Li Wing Sang, the Chairman (left) and Mr. Denis Worbe and Mr. Chiu Chi Hong, the Executive Director met before the press conference

Photo 2: Mr. Li and Mr. Denis Worbe attended a press conference in France and announced the successful completion of acquiring the entire issued share capital of FCSM.

Photo 3: Mr. Li and Mr. Chiu attended a press conference in France and announced the successful completion of acquiring the entire issued share capital of FCSM. They also showed the brand new home jersey (left) and away jersey (right) with the logo of “LEDUS

Photo 4: Mr. Li and Mr. Chiu with the key management of FCSM

Photo 5: Mr. Li interviewing with French media

Photo 6: Mr. Li and Mr. Chiu meeting FCSM partners

Photo 7: Mr. Laurent Pernet (left 1), CEO of FCSM, Mr. Li and Mr. Chiu meeting with Montbéliard politician Mr. Frédéric Barbier (right 2)

Photo 8: Mr. Laurent Pernet, Mr. Li and Mr. Chiu meeting with Mr. Albert Matocq-Grabot, Mayor of Souchaux (left 2)

Photo 9: Mr. Laurent Pernet, Mr. Li and Mr. Chiu meeting with representatives from Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération [Mrs. Aline Pellet, Director of the Services, Mr. Marcel Bonnot (left 3), President, Mr. Charles Demouge (right 3), 1st Vice President, Mr. Christophe Froppier (right 1), Vice President in charge of Sports]

Photo 10: Mr. Laurent Pernet, Mr. Li and Mr. Chiu meeting with Mr. Daniel Buchwalder (left 2), Mayor of city of Seloncourt

Photo 11: Mr. Li and Mr. Chiu meeting with Mrs. Marie-Noëlle Biguinet (middle), Mayor of city of Montbéliard

Photo 12: Mr. Laurent Pernet and Mr. Li meeting with Mr. Damien Meslot (middle), Mayor of Belfort

Photo 13: Mr. Li with Mr. Marcel Bonnot, President of Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération, and his old collection Peugeot Car

Photo 14: Mr.Li with Mr. Stéphane Fratacci, Prefet of the Region Franche-Cometé and Prefet of Doubs

Photo 15: Mr. Laurent Pernet and Mr. Li meeting with Mrs. Christine Bouqin (middle), President of the Department of Doubs at Besançon

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HULU Culture Project 2015

We proudly sponsored the HULU Culture project at this year again. “Our Rocking City” is the theme of 2015. It presented a heritage architectures and features below the Lion Rock Hill area.

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「萊德斯」LED LEDUS joined the exhibition at the Thailand Inventors’ Day 2015 hosted by National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) on February 2-5. We won 5 prizes from NRCT and 2 awards from International Intellectual Property Network Forum and Korea Invention News respectively.


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LEDUS in 2014 HongKong International Lighting Fair

Tech Pro announced new patent integrated circuit technology and related products

“LEDUS” LED light proves popular with buyers all over the world

Tech Pro Technology Development Limited (“Tech Pro” or the “Group”, SEHK stock code: 3823), an internationally renowned manufacturer and seller of LED lighting products and components, participated in the largest lighting exhibition in Asia – “Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)” for four days from 27 to 30 October 2014. It kicked off its activity by holding Product Demo & Launch Pad on the first day of the exhibition to introduce its LED lighting products under the world-renowned brand of “LEDUS”. The best-selling “LEDUS” products became a magnet for buyers from around the world and impressed them with their high quality.

Tech Pro announced its latest patent integrated circuit (IC) technology which was one of the highlights of the event. The patent IC technology adopts IC power supply chip which, as a replacement of the utilization of power source and generates less heat than the traditional one does, and also enables not to use the electrolytic capacitors and other less durable materials, thus can prolong the lifespan of the LED light. The Group has adopted this advanced technology in four new LEDUS products, including LEDUS LED light bulb, LEDUS LED wide tube, LEDUS LED flush mount and LEDUS LED panel light. These products, which have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, are more durable and more environmental friendly than the old models of the same products. These products also have the characteristics of high power efficiency, high lumen output, high color rendering, low carbon emission and are glare-free, bringing quality and comfortable lighting to the user.

Noted for its products’ high performance, quality and characteristics, the well-known “LEDUS” brand shone in the exhibition and attracted media coverage. Ms Maria Cordero, a local singer, actress and TV host who has been appointed as the spokesperson of “LEDUS”, also attended the exhibition to promote the brand. Maria starred in a TV commercial of “LEDUS” which has become a hit recently and has effectively explained the advantages of “LEDUS” products to the local market.

Mr. Li Wing Sang, Chairman of Tech Pro said at his company’s exhibition booth, “Nowadays, people are more environmentally conscious while pursuing a quality lifestyle. This trend has triggered off the replacement of traditional lighting with LED products. For instance, our product LED Magic Bulb has been launched this year and recorded satisfactory sales performance with several hundred thousand units sold in the retail market. The new IC technology has enhanced our products’ competiveness. “LEDUS” brand products will be selling to more retail markets in the oversea markets, including those in Britain, France, Belgium and Spain. We are also contemplating e-commerce as we are trying to increase sales.  This exhibition has enhanced the popularity of “LEDUS” and will lead to a larger market share. We are confident about Tech Pro’s future development.”

Exhibition date: 27-30 October 2014


Exhibition venue: Hall 1B-C39, Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre

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Tech Pro and King Tai Fook Jewelry Signed a Strategic Co-operation Agreement Propelling the LED Lighting Business Development in the PRC Market

An internationally renowned manufacturer and seller of LED lightings products and components, Tech Pro Technology Development Limited (“Tech Pro” or the “Group”, SEHK stock code: 3823) today announced that it had signed a two-year strategic co-operation agreement with King Tai Fook Jewelry Co., LTD (“King Tai Fook Jewelry”), a jewelry retail chain operator in China, to supply quality LED lighting products under its own brand “LEDUS” to King Tai Fook Jewelry.

Pursuant to the agreement, any new stores to be opened or any renovations of the existing stores in the future, Tech Pro’s “LEDUS” LED lightings products are preferred to be used by King Tai Fook Jewelry. King Tai Fook Jewelry is a renowned jewelry retail brand with over 800 retail stores in the PRC, including self-operated stores and franchise stores. A total of 700 stores are planned to be opened and to be renovated in the next two years.

Commenting on the strategic partnership, Mr. Li Wing Sang, Chairman of Tech Pro, said, “Tech Pro always continues with its efforts in developing new quality LED lighting products and enhancing technology development, so as to strengthen its product competitiveness and brand recognition, and actively promoting environmental friendly and energy saving LED lighting products in the PRC and around the world. The signing of the strategic co-operation agreement with King Tai Fook Jewelry is not only a testimony to the quality products of the Group, but also the absolute confidence from customers to the Group. We expect that with the extensive sales and marketing network of King Tai Fook Jewelry, it will further propel the Group’s development of LED lighting business and market expansion in the PRC.”

“Looking ahead, we will further enhance our R&D capability and also look for opportunities in the high growth LED lighting industry, exploring the retail markets of ‘LEDUS’ brand in the PRC, Hong Kong and overseas to further increase our sales as well as maximizing shareholder returns”, Mr. Li concluded.

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